Brave Bright Theater Kids

Brave Bright Theater Kids in Hoboken

Did you know that 26 year old local resident, performer and entrepreneur Nicole D’Onofrio launched a children’s theater classes in Hoboken? Introducing Brave Bright Theater Kids!

Brave Bright Theater Kids Hoboken NJ Nicole DOnofrio - Brave Bright Theater Kids

Kids build self-esteem through group acting classes

Nicole D’Onofrio launched Brave Bright Theater Kids last January to help area children grow not only as actors, but as people. In the classes, D’Onofrio uses music and acting to help kids shed their insecurities, find out who they are, and discover their individuality. D’Onofrio believes that the valuable life skills they gain through theater classes will shine through for the rest of their lives.

Nicole DOnofrio Brave Bright Theater Kids Hoboken NJ - Brave Bright Theater KidsSince D’Onofrio was a little girl, she loved singing, performing, using her imagination, and being creative. But she also happened to be extremely shy and had terrible stage fright. People told her that she would never be able to perform in front of an audience unless she conquered that fear. And conquer it is exactly what she did! Through music and acting, D’Onofrio blossomed from a timid young girl to one who could sing the national anthem in baseball stadiums full of people!

D’Onofrio says: “As a kid, I was really shy when it came to performing. Teachers pressured me to get on stage and it would just make me cry. I started these classes so kids would have a better experience and be able to conquer their fears without the pressure of performing on stage.” D’Onofrio teaches children ages 4 to 11 and has seen an amazing difference in their self-esteem. “Brave Bright Theater Kids has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me,” she says. “It is such a joy to see kids smiling, happy, and confident.”

One mother, Kate, of Hoboken said: “Brave Bright Theater Kids has been an invaluable experience for my 5-year-old son. My once-shy son has gained confidence and become much more vocal and outgoing since taking classes with bbtheater kids. He runs to class and comes home smiling, singing new songs, and acting out new skits. Nicole is wonderful with the kids and provides parents with updates on their progress. I hope to find classes like this for my kids to take throughout their childhood that provide such safe, positive environments and encourage and promote their growth.”

Children warm up their bodies and voices each class, learn songs and challenging tongue twisters, and play improv games. They work on dialogues amongst each other, as well. D’Onofrio offers beginner and advanced classes.

Nicole still performs regularly herself. She recently participated in a cabaret in NYC and most recently played Yellow Duck in The Ugly Duckling with The Hudson Theater Ensemble in Hoboken.

Nicole D’Onofrio is the founder and teacher of Brave Bright Theater Kids. She teaches on Thursdays at 946 Bloomfield St. at the Bama Gallery in Hoboken, NJ. Her website is

(Note – she also offers private instruction for kids of any age – not just the 4-11 range that “group” classes are organized by.)

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