Waterfront Walkways: A study in contrast

A study in contrast – Weehawken vs. Hoboken walkways

If you want a quick “study in contrast,” simply take a stroll on the new-ish uptown walkway and compare the Hoboken side to the Weehawken side.

It seems as if no matter which direction you look in Hoboken, you’ll find some sort of state of disrepair, such as:

Bricks sinking:

A study in Contrast Hoboken NJ Bricks Sinking

Walls crumbling:

A study in Contrast Hoboken NJ Walls crumbling

Wooden benches rotting (or with excessive graffiti on them):

A study in Contrast Hoboken NJ Benches rotting

By comparison, Weehawken’s side of the walkway is practically pristine. With the walkway in tip top shape, finely manicured landscaping, no mess, and nice METAL benches that cannot rot (last longer) or be covered in graffiti (also easier to clean).

Maybe Weehawken could merge with Hoboken and we can cut our administration out of the loop entirely?

A study in Contrast Hoboken NJ weehawken nice and clean

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The answer is somewhere in the nexus of fraud and incompetence. Compared with the Weehawken side, Hoboken’s side appears to have been built by apes…apes on the take.

Spoon has a point: age shouldn’t really matter within reason.

It’s not like the science of waterfront walkways is some secret priesthood of knowledge. Nevertheless, the Hoboken builders chose inferior methods and materials and either bamboozled the people who approved the plans, or promised appropriate materials and workmanship, substituted drek, and walked away with the money.

We’ve been chumped. Again. And it won’t be the last time since the perps of these schemes know we’re distracted and/or apathetic.


That part of th Hoboken waterfront walkway is not that old.

Also why is age an excuse for something looking terrible. All town assets should be maintained especially the waterfront walkway. It’s unique to us and it’s going to face extreme conditions due to its location.

Hoboken’s maintenance stinks. Why are volunteers laying down mulch. Why do we need to buy a $100 tree for in front of our building? Doesn’t the town have money for stuff like this. Shouldn’t the town be constantly replacing bricks, removing grafitti, planting trees, laying down mulch? What gives. The budget is millions of dollars. Throw $100K around a year for some easy maintenance.

It doesn’t grab headlines for politicians but it goes a long way to promote the town. If our representatives actually cared about the town they’d try and maintain it.


Nevermind that the Weehawken waterfront is about a decade newer than the Hoboken waterfront.


Hoboken f*****g SUCKS. I can’t wait to move out of this corrupt, classless craphole of a city.