Bareburger coming to Hoboken

Bareburger in Hoboken – getting close – and HIRING!

It’s not six-figures, and you won’t be able to afford every last “luxury” in the world, but Bareburger, which is coming to 515 Washington Street is now hiring.

They’re looking for some hosts, servers and kitchen help.

(sarcasm on) But I’d gather that this type of “job” is beneath most of you. Because it probably pays at or around what you’re already getting with unemployment. So why “work” when you don’t have to? (sarcasm off)

Anyway – those interested should email for consideration. Good luck!

Bareburger hiring in Hoboken NJ - Bareburger coming to Hoboken

Description: Organic burger chain
Address: 5th & Washington in Hoboken, NJ?
Phone: TBD
Online: bareburger.comTwitterFacebook

Bareburger lands at 515 Washington St. in Hoboken, NJ

5/17/2014 Update:

Okay – the “organic” Bareburger finally has a home here in Hoboken – at 515 Washington Street (formerly home of Piri Piri Portuguese).

In the past, whenever there was a “rush” of similar businesses (yogurt, falafel) someone always “came in last” and eventually went out of business.

But in this case – the three most recent additions to Hoboken (Boardwalk Fresh Burgers, Slider Street, and soon Bareburger) – I think these guys should do OK. Burgers are an American staple – and hopefully will be for the foreseeable future. Until some bovine disease disrupts the culinary world. That would be just our luck.

Bareburger Hoboken NJ 515 Washington Street Organic Hamburger - Bareburger coming to Hoboken

Bareburger – Hoboken

4/17/2014 Update:

FYI – Bareburger is still intent on coming to Hoboken, but their location has not been secured yet. The spot at 5th & Washington is being occupied by a (future doomed) ladies (overpriced socially networked) boutique called Gypsy Warrior.

Bareburger at 5th & Washington?

1/29/2014 Update:

We told you back in September that the organic burger chain Bareburger was slated to come to Hoboken. And last we heard, it was still on – for a spot at 5th & Washington. With Sotheby’s vacating that corner location recently – this could be it.

Their website indicates Spring 2014 opening. With the horrid Hoboken permit process – we’d probably be safer saying “Summer 2014.”

Bareburger Hoboken NJ - Bareburger coming to Hoboken

Bareburger coming soon to Hoboken, NJ

9/16/2013 Update:

Those of you that work in NYC probably have heard of Bareburger – a very successful “organic” burger chain (14 locations at the moment).

But did you know that Bareburger is blowing up? They are rapidly expanding their brand by franchising – and have plans to open a location in Hoboken “Winter 2013.”

Bareburger coming to Hoboken NJ - Bareburger coming to Hoboken

Bareburger Hoboken

We’re not certain where they’ll be opening – but you can almost bet that it will be a corner location that has outdoor seating according to their franchise requirements. My first guess would the Puerto Spain spot, which fits their franchise requirements perfectly. But we’ll see if they are willing to gamble with the uptown crowd. There are many other spots for the taking downtown as well.

Take a look at the Bareburger Menu too.

Here’s their mantra: “Bareburger restaurants offer mouth-watering organic burgers and sandwiches, fresh salads, delicious shakes and sharable snacks in environmentally sustainable, eco-friendly locations. Our belief is that organic food tastes better and is better for you, and that sourcing our ingredients locally benefits our communities. Our menu features a variety of meats, including traditional beef, chicken, turkey and lamb; exotic options such as elk, bison, ostrich and boar; and mushroom, veggie and black bean burgers for our vegetarian and vegan guests. Bareburger also offers a number of savory and sweet salads, organic beer and wine, and kid-friendly cubby meals for the littlest diners.”

Either way – I wonder what that means for the Slider Shack folks. Will they have their work cut out for them?

Bareburger Zagat Top 10 burger Hoboken NJ - Bareburger coming to Hoboken

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Saturday, December 28, 2013 11:06 am

What location did bareburger decide on in Hoboken?

Monday, September 16, 2013 11:50 am

Fantastic. Because the burgers at Five Guys and other places like WIndmill are flavorless. Looking forward to this no matter where they set up shop.

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