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Wrong – Hoboken Poop Packages left behind

Hoboken Poop Packages we need Child Waste signs instead of dog wasteThere’s not a day that goes by in Hoboken that someone’s package isn’t stolen from their lobby. Now while that is bad, at least you can call your credit card company and get your bling replaced. But we think it’s been “replaced” by something even worse – unwanted Hoboken Poop Packages as I like to call them.

Soiled Baby diapers filled with human excrement. All over. In parks. Street corners. Benches. Like in the photo below at Church Square Park (one of the worst places for them).

Not sure who’s leaving these behind. Moms, nannies, or just sickos.

But it’s worse than dog poop – because at least that’s on your shoes, easy to get rid of.

But these “special deliveries” are where people sit, place their hands, eat their lunch, pass out drunk, etc.

Just because the diapers might have cutesy patterns on them, doesn’t change what’s inside. There should be a fine for this too. Maybe some creative artist can make a funnier sign than one I whipped together in like 5 minutes.

Unsanitary diapers at church square park hoboken NJ

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