Stingray Lounge – Fresh Oysters

Stingray Lounge opens to thrilled residents in Hoboken, NJ

Stingray Lounge update Hoboken NJ fresh oystersStingray Lounge is one of those restaurants in Hoboken (or anywhere else for that matter), that opened up the right place AT the right time. They filled an otherwise empty niche – added value to a neighborhood that needed it – and didn’t diminish existing businesses in the process (like when you open 5 Falafel places on the same block).

But besides just looking good on paper – Stingray is also putting their money where their mouth is by delivering exceptional food, drink and service to their patrons.

Open just a few days ago – the owners of Stingray Lounge didn’t cut corners or make haphazard business decisions. They did everything right (and “soulfully” so). I haven’t met a restaurant owner so intent on providing the absolute utmost top-notch food, beverages and even the add-ons (like lime, mint, lemons) in a long while. This is why I knew far in advance that we had a “winner” here in this spot.

Even if they start out slow, if they continue this dedication to providing super-above-par service and food – it will not take long at all before word of mouth vaults Stingray to the “Hall of Fame” of Hoboken eateries. Yes, I have this much faith in Stingray. Like other businesses in Hoboken – there is that hidden intangible that you can just “sense” while you nod your head in agreement.

Anyway – why not make a point to swing by this weekend? Looks fairly nice – and a refreshing change to the usual Hoboken dining atmosphere may be just what the doctor ordered. I’ve spoken with several people who are already “in love” with Stingray. Gotta love success stories, right?

Description: Stingray Lounge – restaurant that serves oysters and fresh seafood.
Address: 1210 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: TBD

Stingray Lounge almost ready in Hoboken

8/12/2014 Update:

A quick update here for Stingray Lounge at 1210 Washington Street. They should be ready to go in a couple weeks (full liquor license, only small plates).

One thing that will (hopefully) set a new standard in Hoboken (besides the outrageously fresh seafood), is the ambiance Stingray looks to achieve. Unlike other places (like Smokin’ Barrel) where you will be inundated with the mind-melding, brain-rotting commercial television programming everywhere you look, Stingray won’t be doing that. In fact, they’ll have exactly one “screen,” showing carefully curated old-school black and white movies. And background music will be classics, not the garbage infecting the eardrums of the masses.

Additionally, true ownership will be on hand at all times. Either the owner or his son. When a dining venue doesn’t have someone principally interested in making sure the customers are satisfied, you often run into quality issues. So we’re happy that someone who gives a crap will always be keeping an eye on things.

I believe the place has occupancy approved for 48 people, and seating will mainly consist of the wrap around bar, and some plush lounge-like seating on the right side. Looks like it will be a nice cozy place for couples to enjoy tasty cocktails and fresh seafood.

Stingray Lounge coming soon Hoboken NJ

Stingray Lounge Oysters & Raw Bar coming to Hoboken

10/24/2013 Update:

A brief little update to the business coming to 1210 Washington Street. They have a name! Stingray Lounge.

They hope to open up shortly after the new year, and will feature only the freshest east coast oysters and seafood, says the owner. Nothing bought at “distributors” such as Restaurant Depot.

The interior will be mellow, with at most one television set. From what I gathered, this will be something many residents and visitors of Hoboken will appreciate. A traditional place to enjoy good food and the company of others, not the brainwashing propaganda that is spewed out of mainstream indoctrination channels.

Stay tuned for further updates for Stingray Lounge!

Stingray Lounge Hoboken NJ 1210 Washington Street oysters raw bar seafood

Hoboken Oysters & seafood restaurant on tap?

9/11/2013 Update:

Word on the street is that what will be taking place of India on the Hudson (who didn’t renew lease), is a restaurant that serves Oysters amongst other things.

An informal poll on the street indicated that a majority believe that a restaurant that specializes in fresh seafood like oysters, etc. might stand a chance. Mainly because there are no bonafide “seafood” like restaurants in town (other than Sushi, and Biggie’s which really don’t count). More details down the line…

You think a place like this would thrive?

Oyster restaurant Hoboken NJ 1210 Washington Street

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Friday, October 24, 2014 5:21 pm

Very excited about this place! They did such a nice job renovating and we really needed a new place like this around. Besides oysters, I hope they also do some menu items that will work for take out.

Friday, October 24, 2014 5:14 pm

with the turnover of business in this town, 411 has lots of content – except of course when the landlord holds out for a year or more looking for higher rent.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 6:28 pm

It’s pretty nice inside

Monday, November 4, 2013 4:08 pm

Yes they do

Monday, October 28, 2013 11:43 am

Do they have a liquor license at this place or BYOB?

Reply to  nbm3
Thursday, October 31, 2013 12:06 pm

They will have a liquor license. It will be a cocktail lounge and oyster bar.[quote comment=”221920″]Do they have a liquor license at this place or BYOB?[/quote]

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