The Dark Side of Hoboken Parks

Ramos: The Dark Side of Hoboken Parks

HOBOKEN WATERFRONT – The Vision for Hoboken’s recent walking tour of the waterfront revealed the deplorable conditions that the City’s neglect has left our waterfront walkways and waterfront parks that line the town.

Hoboken waterfron in deplorable condition - The Dark Side of Hoboken Parks

Hoboken falls apart right under Mayor Zimmer’s ribbon-cutting eyes

These photos were taken one block away from the recently opened 1600 Park project. While “photo ops and ribbon cuttings” were taking place this week, Hoboken residents were left to walk along an unlit, dilapidated, dangerous walkway that has not undergone the necessary repairs after Hurricane Sandy, which is now almost a year ago.

“The conditions we found along these pathways is absolutely unacceptable,” remarked State Assemblyman and Mayoral Candidate Ruben Ramos Jr. “The Vision for Hoboken Team will make maintaining the waterfront and keeping pristine and clean parks and increasing quality of life a top priority. Its completely unacceptable that the Zimmer administration has let our parks and waterfront deteriorate to these conditions.”

Ramos has been an advocate for Green Acres funding and expanding Hoboken’s parks both as Council President and as a State Assemblyman. Council at Large Candidate Laura Miani sounded off on the conditions as well.

“It is absolutely intolerable that this administration has allowed our storied waterfront to fall into this sad state. The lights on the Hoboken side of the walkway have been dark since Sandy,” noted Miani.

“The long-awaited opening of 1600 Park; one block west of the walkways; would have been a logical time to respond to the many constituent notifications to fix the lights and cleanup this well used walkway. Instead it continues to be an unsafe area. I know Hoboken residents are sick and tired of overgrown weeds, broken lampposts and construction debris littering these walkways and this November will vote for leaders that take action. The Vision for Hoboken Team will prioritize our parks and infrastructure.”

The Vision for Hoboken team remains committed to expanding parks and open space. This week Ramos attended the ribbon cutting at 1600 Park that is one of his cornerstone accomplishments in his public life.

“I am proud that when I was your Council President I was able to secure the land at 1600 Park through extensive negotiations and deliver a great piece of property for our City. I was equally proud as your Assemblyman that I was the Co-Sponsor of the legislation that dedicated Green Acres Funds specifically for the development of 1600 Park,” added Ramos.

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Saturday, September 7, 2013 3:57 pm

FYI – This morning there was some landscaping being done around this walkway. Nice job raising the awareness

Friday, September 6, 2013 3:31 pm

The lights are out as well, the lampposts aren’t operating in that section in the early morning.

Friday, September 6, 2013 3:30 pm

Finally some chatter about the awful condition of the waterfront walkway. I don’t think there have been shrubs or bushes replaced along thewaterfront walkway since it was created over a decade ago! If shrubs die and are missing: replace them If a tree dies or something happens to it: replace it If there is grafitti on something: wash it off If there are bricks missing: put in new ones This isn’t that hard and it goes a long way. Why not maintain these assets instead of letting them fall apart. It’s the details and the little maintenance that matters. 10 bricks missing now will become 300 bricks missing later. Our towns budget is I hae no ideabut prob over 100M a year. What could it possibly cost for a little maintenace. Maybe 100K for some trees, shrubs a power washer and some man power. Why is it that we need volunteers to put plants in the tree planters on washington. Shouldn’t our tax dollars be spent on beautification and maintenance. Stop buying new fire trucks and giving out pension money and put some care into the maintenance of the town. A little elbow grease goes a long way. Do the current ward bosses and mayor walk around and notice these things. Why isn’t there any chatter about it. Heck I’d even pay a 10 dollar a year “beautifucation” charge on my tax bill if I knew the money would go to maintaining our assets instead of just letting them waste… Read more »

Friday, September 6, 2013 1:31 pm

If Mr. Ramos would shine some light on the ‘Dark Side of Hoboken Park-ing’, that could make a real impact on residents’ quality of life. He gets points already for helping to increase on-street parking area in town, by way of updated legislation. Now if someone would run the ‘temporary no-parking’ program notification/towing practice through a Constitutional lens, they could do us a great service by improving the process.

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