Hoboken baskteball courts in disarray

Hoboken Basketball Courts fall apart right after being installed

You know the new Hoboken basketball courts over at Church Square Park? They were just installed with much fanfare (and obligatory ribbon-cuttings), and are evidently falling apart already.

Hoboken411 reader Steve shares his observations below.

Hoboken basketball courts at church square park falling apart already

Cutting corners in Hoboken – nothing new

“Have you happened to see the “new” basketball courts on 4th and Garden? Hoboken spent a lot of money this Summer to “makeover” the three courts. They must have shaved corners and avoided getting rims that didn’t “breakaway,” because if you walk by there you will see that both rims on one of the courts are completely bent and not usable.

The old rims lasted more than 10 years, the new ones – just a few months. Really a shame.”

Well, Steve – what do you expect when you have amateurs pretending to run an important city like Hoboken?

Hoboken basketball courts at church square park bent rims ripped frames

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013 8:24 am

Rushed to the ribbon cutting finish line?

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