Carolyn AlRoy releases new CD

5/27/2010 Update:

Carolyn AlRoy releases new 5 song CD in June 2010

We first mentioned Hoboken resident & Musician Carolyn AlRoy back in 2007 – when she released her first CD “Gorgeous Enormous” (see that after the jump), and now she’s back with another 5 song EP.

She’s having a release party at the Parkside Lounge in Manhattan (317 E. Houston St.) on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 – from 7pm to 10pm.

Take a listen to one song off her new album, entitled, “Smart Girls” here:

[audio:|titles=Carolyn AlRoy – Smart Girls]

Carolyn Alroy Releases new EP


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Speaking of the Holiday Banding Concert this Sunday over at Maxwell’s , I got a chance to listen to “Gorgeous Enormous,” a recent CD from Carolyn AlRoy, who will be performing at the show. Below is my completely “not a critic” style music review. Honest, regular guy review, but not polished like a “lavishly decadent” restaurant review.


For those that know me and understand what my particular musical taste is, know I’m not a music reviewer for the masses. By no means am I tone-deaf or musically challenged (I can play both piano and drums,) I tend to prefer off-beat, eclectic tracks that people are not ready to listen to yet, or mixes and mashups that take two already known songs and muck the living daylights out of them (I love the technical details behind a bootleg.) However, I do find a a few “slightly” more commercial artists appealing (see: Radiohead, Beck) and of course classics like Led Zeppelin, The Who, etc. Not sure about you, but what I hear on car radios driving by these days really sound like garbage to me. What happened to good music?

carolyn-alroy-hoboken-2.jpgBut something rare happened when I popped this CD in. On first listen, I noticed myself being at ease with the sounds I was hearing. I hear musical notes way before words. I consider the words in the beginning just another instrument . Pleasant, melodic and airy tracks filled the air. Score 1 for: “not disturbing me.”

Curiously, I almost got mesmerized to the point where I was extra comfortable, and was able to focus on my work. Bonus. Simple, clean well composed tracks. Her voice and the accompanying instruments meshed well together. Not sure if it’s insulting to call it “soft rock not for old people?” I did listen to the CD a couple more times, and if you’re the type that really enjoy lyrics, there are a few very open and honest sounding songs that stood out, such as the song “My First Mistake,” a deeper, more emotional piece what seems like it’s about a bad relationship.

Enough of my next-to-impossible to understand review (written around 5am today – 1/2 awake – sorry Carolyn!)

Here’s some excerpts from some of her reviews in the press. You’ll probably benefit more from reading these, than getting into my mind:

  • “She draws you in and keeps you guessing – and actually giving a damn – whether she’s going to make it past the pit without falling in and disappearing.”
  • About the song “Anything Can Happen”: – “The melody soars in on a bed of electric guitars pulsing in and out to create a hypnotic, echoe-y backdrop”
  • “Fans of Aimee Mann, Jenifer Jackson, and Neko Case will love this cd”

Where to hear tracks:

Hope some of you enjoy this local artist.

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Friday, December 14, 2007 1:08 pm

There are 3 small power am stations that you might be able to pick up , 1 from long branch and 2 from lung igland, 740,1000, and 1420. Like i said low power and they shut down at sundown. oldies,standard, and jazz. give it a try

Friday, December 14, 2007 11:54 am

i find myself listening to more be-bop jazz from the 50’s and early 60’s, i must be getting old

Friday, December 14, 2007 11:40 am

“but what I hear on car radios driving by these days really sound like garbage to me. ”

Frankly that is being kind. Its amazingly clear that we are in a dark ages of popular music. We have moved several giant leaps backwards since acts who couldn’t write a song to save their life started selling platinum records because of their look and not even their voice. I honestly can’t name a single FM radio station in the NY area. I listen to a lot of blues-driven rock from the 60s and 70s, Dylan, The Band, Derek&Dominoes, The Dead, Stones (Sticky Fingers to Exile on Main St era only.) Only modern stuff I like is the Black Crowes (unreal live shows), bit of Ryan Adams and the Cardinals.

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