Papaya Dog open 24 Hours. Why?

Hoboken Papaya Dog is open 24 hours. For who?

Why is Papaya Dog open 24 Hours in Hoboken NJNot sure how many people (i.e., Hoboken residents) patronize Papaya Dog downtown. We stopped by there after they first opened, and found some acceptable low-carb type food we could enjoy if we were in a pinch. Although I’m certain this place is a hot spot during the weekend for all the revelers that are enjoying the local downtown “PATH bars.”

However, I noticed quite a while ago that they are open 24 hours a day!

While the food is (for the most part) cheap and quick – is this really something you’d want after your morning coffee at 5:32am as you walk towards the PATH station?

Can you imagine the “cartoon thought bubbles” over your co-workers heads at the weekly board meeting as you belch up chili-dog remnants? They’ll either wonder what kind of double-life you live, or perhaps offer you a pay raise if that’s all you can afford to eat. Hmm, something to think about, right?

Anyway, I just wonder why a place like this would be 24 hours. If it’s where we are “trending,” then I guess next on the list is 24 hour ice cream stores, funeral parlors and nail salons.

Wait a minute… a 24 hour nail salon is a brilliant idea! Whomever starts it first in Hoboken owes me a big VIG!

Papaya Dog open 24 hours in Hoboken NJ

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Also, they don’t serve any Papaya drink at this location. Apparently, drunks in NJ demand a grape flavored beverage.


I guess you didn’t see the breakfast menu.

Best Taylor Ham, Egg & Cheese sandwich in town…for all of 2.50!

And drunks like french fries and wings…those are on the menu too.