Framing on Washington

Framing on Washington – Does Hoboken need another?

Another frame shop coming to Hoboken NJ 1028 Washington Street - Framing on WashingtonApparently filling the empty retail store located at 1028 Washington Street (formerly home to businesses like Peper Apparel, Rubee’s Closet, The Stone Hut, etc.) will be “Framing on Washington.”

This brings up an interesting thought.

There are already two frame shops within two blocks of this location (Right Angle, Tresorie). Is that OK?

Well, an open-minded person would say “The population is growing, and we live in a free market. It will sort itself out.”

But if that were the case – then why do we have distance-specific regulations on liquor licenses? How can a “government” entity pick and choose how businesses set up. If they allow frame shops to operate so closely, why not bars?

Regardless, these guys should be open before the holidays.

Framing on Washington Hoboken NJ 1028 - Framing on Washington

Description: Framing on Washington
Phone: TBD
Online: TBD

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