Church Square Park

Church Square Park gets 2012 Upgrade in Hoboken NJ

Massive renovations took place at the end of 2012. “Today’s kids are tomorrow’s voting constituents” (if they survive the flood as a result of priority mismanagement and the failing infrastructure throughout the city…)

Description: Hoboken City Park
Services: Public Park, Basketball courts, playground for children & toddlers, gazebo, Dog run, sprinkler
Address: 401 Willow Ave, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 420-2349

Church Square Park in Hoboken, NJ – Circa 2006

Photos from when first started!

church%20square%20dog%20park%20pretty%20tree - Church Square Park
church%20sqaure%20gazebo - Church Square Park

church%20sqaure%20dog%20park%202 - Church Square Park

church%20sqaure%20park%20kids - Church Square Park

church%20square%20park%20sign - Church Square Park

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I’m happy to see the gezabo is still there, on summer nights there were band concerts held there once a week. Also my friends somehow put my 1953 oldsmobile up there and were the cops were pissed.


did the dog parks get new gravel finally? i heard they did!


I walked by today, they are putting in astro-turf in the area along 5th Street.


bricks are much lower maintanance than those pesky flowers.


Good move Hoboken! Thanks for ripping out all the pretty flowers and bushes aroung the gazebo and replacing it with….brick. That’s just what we need for our parks….less plants and flowers and more bricks! 😡

On the plus side, whoever the dude was that was playing the big xylophone type thing in the gazebo yesterday, although I have no idea how you got that huge thing up there, kudos! You were awesome! Fun music and nice addition for a Saturday afternoon.