Western Edge meeting 2/13


The meeting that was bumped late last year is taking place Wednesday at 7pm. City Hall council chambers.

12/14/2007 Update:

Alcoholics Win!

For those wondering what happened at this meeting that was purposely scheduled to conflict with last night’s city hall marathon. From a Hoboken411 reader.
“I attended the meeting last night along with 7 other concerned citizens, three representatives from Philips Price Shapiro, one stenographer, and an architect for URSA. Two meetings were scheduled for the same room: The Western Edge and Alcolholics Anonomous. AA won.

Curiously, the man who guards the building seemed to know more that we did: he informed us that we are scheduled, again, in January. Does Fred Bado know about this upcoming meeting? This was a waste of time and money.

$$$: Philips Price Shapiro
$$: Stenographer
0: Hoboken citizens”


Another example that hardly anyone reads the paper anymore, tonight’s Western Edge Redevelopment Plan “community meeting” is scheduled for tonight at 7pm (same time as the final budget workshop.) The city needs to add 411 to the list of media outlets they send these notices out, but who can bet that’ll never happen?

Peter Cunningham sent this email out today:

“Friends and Neighbors,

Hoboken western edgeI am not sure who saw this supposed advertisement in the paper regarding a meeting THIS EVENING on the Western Edge Redevelopment Plan, but apparently it was noticed in the Reporter as a community meeting. It’s a 5th ward project and I am unaware of it.

What I do know is that I have a special council meeting on the public works garage at 6pm, budget workshop at 7pm and a Parks Subcommittee meeting at 5:15. Then of course, we have a weather condition!

This is disappointing to hear at the 11th hour. I will work to see if this meeting can be postponed to after the holidays. But absent that, I want you to know that it’s at…

Multiservice Center
2nd and Grand

Thanks, Peter”

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Yes. 7pm, City Council chambers.



Is there another meeting on this tomorrow night?


Considering Tarragon now claims they are under no obligation to provide a community center/pool, do you think the city will still roll over and give Tarragon the right to build these 12 story monstrosities?


and as i noted, the reporter wrote about the school funding’s potential affect on hoboken 2 weeks before the times did. it had some good info in it, last week they had the background on the housing authority appointment nomination, the jj’s website even had to link to the reporter’s coverage. the jj and reporter are still valuable tools for understanding.

complain about it all ya want, but still pick it up.

and not to wrap dinner in. (although after reading it helps w/pooper scooper laws)


So Leigh, the fact that they often cover stories about the board of ed, housing authority, city, and other things that haven’t been covered in other places doesn’t matter to you? I could point out several investigative as well as regular news pieces that were important.

I’ve heard people also say “411 is only good for restaurant reviews” and I also say that is not true.

Leigh, read and learn. Of course not everyone is going to read everything in the paper. I don’t read everything in the times.

But to not pick it up? or 411 to pretend no one does? that is just not good for the community.

as I said, criticize them or don’t link to them, its fine, but not reading it is lazy.

And I think 411 makes a mistake in believing that we should either read one or the other. 411 does some great things that the reporter could not due. similarly. the reporter does some things that 411 can’t or wouldn’t have the time to.

Leigh, don’t be so quick. You don’t live in NYC anymore.