Awesome hound puppies for adoption

Hound Puppies available for adoption in Hoboken

Hound puppies shephard for adoption in Hoboken NJMany local residents know that top Hoboken dog-walker Helen is big advocate for “rescue” dogs. She often travels far away to save dogs ready for execution. She has saved countless dogs, and brought joy to many families in the Hudson County area. You want to see some crazy beautiful hound puppies? Well, not exactly 100% hound puppies, but…

Now up for adoption are two incredibly cute “Hound – Shepherd” mixes (which don’t have names as of yet.) One boy and one girl, about 15 weeks old.

I got a chance to play with these cuties last week, and they were filled with energy, and had boundless love and excitement.

They’ve already been fixed, have all their shots and are ready for a new loving homes as soon as anyone is ready!

To contact Helen and learn more about these gorgeous pooches – give her a call at (201)936-9901 – and be prepared for an improved life!

PS – It was very difficult to capture the “perfect” shot of these lovely dogs, so rather than choose one picture, here is a photo gallery of my attempts to capture them properly. You might be able to “animate” them in your own mind.

Thanks again, Helen for the work you do for the doggie world!

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