Begging for Bicycle Lanes?

Headline: Begging the State for Bicycle Lanes

This recent “headline” in a local paper is disturbing: “Begging the State for Bicycle Lanes.”

Really? Who exactly is “begging” for it?

This is one of the reasons why I feel it’s important to disconnect from anything “mainstream,” whether every single TV program or large “news” organizations such as this. By repeating the same nonsense, such as any form of government (local, county, state), people will eventually accept things without question. Whatever happened to individuals being fully in control of their own lives? Now we’re “BEGGING” the state for anything?

Why a person is in a position of begging, you have a problem.

This is exactly why no single “mainstream” publication actually dares to question the system as a whole. They either cannot think critically and understand the whole big picture, or they too are blindly part of the system. They just accept all these government agencies, laws, and everything in between without ever looking from afar to understand where we are now, compared to 50, 100 or 200 years ago. This country is falling apart rapidly, and they cannot even comprehend why.

Begging the State for Bicycle Lanes in NJ Hoboken411 - Begging for Bicycle Lanes?

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Totally agree. Way too much government involvement in everyday life. It should be a rare exception rather than omnipresent.