Castle Point Skate/Skateboard Park

Vans required

Description – City public park for skaters and skateboarders ( Between Elysian Park & the Hudson river )
Services – skateboard park
Website –
Address – 1101 Sinatra Dr, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-5991
Telephone – (201) 420-2349


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Which overpaid, absentee job M*therF*cker is in charge of this place?
Having it closed during the summer, and no actual work going on??? Fire their ass Mr. Mayor.


It annoys me every time I drive by this place and it’s all locked up with signs “Closed for Repairs” in the middle of the summer and no one is every in there doing any repairs. Why are we just letting this park die, I used to see kids using it all the time and now that the nice weather is here and it’s closed.


Yeh, you’re right Bay Head sure is a shit hole.


[quote comment=”57756″]Yeh, you’re right, Cape May sure is a shit hole.[/quote]
Cape May is gay as brunch with the in laws. The motto should be:

“The town that tries so hard to be Victorian it is more Victorian than Queen Victoria having high tea in Victoria, British Colombia on Queen Victoria Day”.

And the beaches are filthy from the Delaware estuary.


[quote]The shore is a shithole compared to Long Island. Keep your shity shore, I’ll go to the eastend any day of the week.[/quote]

Yeah, but the beaches are packed with people who are “frum LAWNG-EYE-LUND.” Bleh. 🙄

Strand Tramp, you’re such a goddamned racist, give it a rest will you? What the hell are you so frightened of?