Justin Timberlake films Target spot in Hoboken

Justin Timberlake Maxwell’s Video in Hoboken, NJ

Remember that debacle this past summer when Justin Timberlake made a surprise visit to Hoboken (at Maxwell’s) and nobody in town knew about it until the last second?

Well – see the video below.

I have to say it’s a rather catchy song – but I think they are being a bit dishonest saying the audio is live. Perhaps the vocals – but the video is super-produced and edited, doesn’t sound anything like it was “live” to me.

Justin Timberlake for Target Commercial at Maxwell’s in Hoboken


Pop “Icon” Justin Timberlake made an appearance in Hoboken tonight. They were filming a commercial for Target at Maxwell’s– who is marketing his highly marked up garbage to the barely-making-the-rent population.

Justin Timberlake Maxwells Hoboken NJ1 - Justin Timberlake films Target spot in Hoboken

Apparently this was supposed to be “top secret,” until Timberlake himself tweeted he’d be here in Hoboken prior to going to Jersey City to film the rest of his stupid commercial. What happened as a result?

Hoboken Police were completely overwhelmed of this media lemming-fest, and probably allowed many crimes to take place throughout the city because the police force was already under-staffed tonight to begin with… Whatever.

Just think for a minute. Look at this crowd of lemmings to see this “character” of entertainment value. Ask yourself why this happens. What makes “seeing” this ordinary guy so important? If you can answer that question – you know more that 99.9% of the population.

If you have no answer? Please leave now.

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