60 Second Review: Hoboken Dhaba

Hoboken Dhaba Indian Eatery

Hoboken Dhaba Indian 60 Second Review Hoboken411 NJ - 60 Second Review: Hoboken DhabaAs we told you previously, Hoboken Dhaba took the place of the old Hummus Bar at 630 Washington Street.

This is OK, particularly because an old-favorite India on the Hudson uptown closed recently.

But how is the food at Hoboken Dhaba? Value?

See photo gallery here, and trademark Hoboken411 60 Second Review below…

How does Hoboken Dhaba Indian fare?

For the purpose of this review – we ordered two dishes that every Indian place should knock out with ease. So let’s recap:

  • Chicken Tikka Masala ($11) – While the taste was not what were were accustomed to comparing it to India on the Hudson, it was still good. Just a bit “different,” a bit sweeter. We felt the amount of chicken was a bit light, and the sauce was a tad watery. But still good enough that we might order again. Very small rice comes with it, not that we care – but other places give twice as much.
  • Chicken Saag ($11) – The “medley of greens” tasted in line with what you’d expect – and the same sentiments as the Tikka – light on the chicken, and a bit “soupy.”

We ordered to go – so service didn’t really factor in, but the girls that helped us were friendly and pleasant enough. Waited maybe 10 minutes during a slow time during the day.

As far as “value,” we believe it’s a bit overpriced for full dinner entrees – but they do have attractive lunch time specials you might want to take advantage of.

Overall, Hoboken Dhaba is “acceptable,” but not out of this world fantastic. “Shrug your shoulders” type reaction. It is BYOB if that floats your boat.

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