Hoboken Bike Rack Sham

Hoboken bike rack loaded with fakes to trick public

You know that bike rack in front of Arthur’s Steakhouse at Washington & Third Streets? Well that rack was empty for the longest time. Clearly, no one wanted or needed to use them.

Hoboken Bike Rack 3rd Washington

Bogus Hoboken Bike rack!

Since the city was miffed that the racks remained completely empty – they started filling the racks with bogus bikes. The same bikes, day after day, same sequence. Here’s a snapshot from about a month ago:

Hoboken Bike Rack 3rd Washington looks filled

They even picked a double-bike with baby seat, to give bone-headed stroller moms the impression that other baby-spittter-outers are also using these racks. This is a shot from this week: Same bike. But now they added those money-sucking SoBi bikes to the racks as well:

Hoboken Bike Rack 3rd Washington fake bikes

A shame Hoboken has to deceive the public

A respectable administration would own up, and say, “Whoops, we screwed up. Bad idea with the bike racks on the street.” But the freaks running the show at city hall are so afraid of being wrong, they’d stoop to trying to trick everyone into thinking their plan worked. Too bad they can’t trick us that there are no potholes in town. Because that would actually involve filling them with something. Oh well.

Anyway, this is not to say that some bike racks are useful in Hoboken – such as near the PATH station. Maybe 200 bikes down there – and rightfully so. But to start and fill every last remaining bit of space with these bike racks is just nonsensical – especially on the street! Imagine our next blizzard how wrecked these things will become by snow plows?? More property taxpayer dollars down the drain.

We were perfectly fine chaining bikes to street signs or trees. Why waste all that money on this progressive garbage?

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It does look cheesy in the middle of Washington street, and if I lived closeby I’d use it as my personal bike rack, too. I was a sworn bachelor, too… once.


Good point about the snow plow issue but “baby-spitter-outers”?