Water main break: 112 Park


A small water main broke about 10-12 minutes in the past in the area of 112 Park Ave. At least a couple cars are affected, and the “ground is beginning to crack”.

Before I had time to finish my whimsical “news graphic,” a reader wrote in:

“411 –

Just heard on the police radio – water main break at 112 Park (I think…) – apparently the ground is starting to crack and threatening 2 cars…

Does this stuff happen in other towns? I have lived all over the place and have NEVER heard of this stuff…”


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I live nearby, and this water main valve has been leaking for about 3 weeks now. I spoke with United Water and they did confirm it is the resposibility of the condo owners of 111 Park Ave. to repair. Doesn’t look like they even care since the leak is in the road (before it passes through their meter).
Does anyone know who to call, to have this repair enforced?????
It is also becomming a hazzard, since it is constantly causing an ice patch in the middle of the road. ❗