Possible sinkhole on Hudson St.


Overheard a few minutes ago on the Hoboken411 Live Police Scanner, an officer radioed dispatch to mention that a puddle of water was forming near 320 Hudson St., and that it appeared to be “sinking”. Will it swallow cars like the last hungry sinkhole uptown did?

Maybe the whole block will collapse and W Hotel tower #2 will be built in it’s place?

hoboken sinkhole 320 hudson street - Possible sinkhole on Hudson St.

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LOL Midnight. Perhaps it would’ve been a more natural setting had they filmed that scene in Hoboken rather than Bayonne (?).

I was actually driving on Hudson Street this past Saturday. Had my friend not pointed out that sinkhole b/w 3/4, I probably would’ve driven right into it. I don’t think it was THAT bad then though.


I found video of the sinkhole in the street:



How about further down on Hudson Street – right by where the taxi stand is? There is a large depression in the street that I’d swear is getting larger by the day … It’s about 20 feet around, and at least a foot deep, if not more… It’s noticeably deeper than a week ago…
Wonder how long it will take the town to figure out what is happening there..