Geniuses at work: Booted Car


I frequently hear stories of booted cars in Hoboken on the live police radio. They rarely grab my attention too much. Although this morning, one hasty driver pulled away with the boot still on, thus creating a traffic-jam racket that disturbed one reader:

hoboken-car-boot.jpg“Ah, out-of-town idiots, made smarter by the HPU. This morning I was awoken at about 6:30 a.m. to the sound of blasting car horns (thank you Hoboken cab drivers) and a timid voice saying, “I can’t move the car.” Turns out, two numbskull’s from NY parked their car overnight on the east side of Madison Street, just north of Third, and got booted. The girl apparently hopped in, her male companion joining her in the passenger seat, and they drove off! Well, at least 10-15 feet, until they realized something was seriously wrong. So, there they stopped, straddling the roadway, blocking all north-bound traffic while they waited for the PD and parking people to come fix the situation. It took about 20 minutes for the tow truck to arrive and jack the rear end of the car in the air enough so they could beat the twisted boot off the car. I didn’t get a look at the damage done to the car, but it was drivable afterward.

Now, a question: Is it standard policy for the HPU to place a boot on the passenger, curb-facing, rear wheel of a car and NOT leave one of those gigantic orange stickers on the driver’s window? No sticker in sight from my perch a few floors up. That still doesn’t make up for her guy missing the yellow around the tire, even if it was still a bit dark out.”


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[quote comment=”57912″][quote comment=”57856″]I’m having a sudden flashback of a ‘Simpsons’ episode… [/quote]

A monorail would solve all our parking problems![/quote]
Nah…that’s more of a Shelbyville idea.


[quote comment=”57908″]

It should be mandatory that anyone who uses the word ‘prolly’ should have their screen name changed to stacy2Qt4U.[/quote]

Hey Nell Carter give me break. I have no time to write

But i am kind of cute so i’ll consider it.


Ok, I’m wondering… a guy I used to know who sometimes stretched the truth told me that he got booted in Hoboken, took off the tire, put on the spare, and drove the car to his home in Jersey City where he was able to use tools to remove the boot from his good tire.

I didn’t believe him because his truth rating wasn’t always 100% and because he continued to drive the car in Hoboken after that without any apparent difficulty.

Think he was for real this time?


[quote comment=”57855″]I’m really shocked that they get nothing right in this town. Really.

Saturday around 6pm I drove into town. Came in on Jackson Street and headed east up Third. Every corner sight line between Jackson and Grand was blocked by cars parked too close to the corner. Most of the cars had boots on them.

My car is small as it is, with these idiots right up to the corner, if it’s not headlight time, I’m in deep trouble. I HATE the parking situation in this town and the idiots who [don’t] enforce it properly.

How does a boot help the situation? It doesn’t!!!


Stop booting, start towing, ASSHOLES!!! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ‘ฟ :evil:[/quote]

Totally agree, Katie. A car gets booted and sits there for days, still taking up a space that my car can be using. What a moronic idea. Tow them all if they don’t have proper permits and maybe there will be enough space for actual residents.


[quote comment=”57856″]I’m having a sudden flashback of a ‘Simpsons’ episode… [/quote]

A monorail would solve all our parking problems!