Rooftop Farms in Hoboken?

Letter: Hoboken needs Rooftop Farms now!

Hoboken411 reader Andreas had a great idea for Hoboken: Rooftop Farms. After seeing such great concepts come to life, such at Lufa Farms in Montreal, and even Brooklyn Grange, just a few miles to our east – why not in Hoboken?

Hoboken Shoprite Wakefern Rooftop Farms Green Garden Suggestion Idea - Rooftop Farms in Hoboken?

Why doesn’t Shoprite step up and put their roof to good use?

Andreas has been seeing some of these “urban farms” pop throughout the country – but is disappointed with the slow overall adoption rate for forward thinking measures like this. “From my roof, I can see Shoprite supermarket. Their roof is PERFECT for a farm. What a waste of space otherwise! It would be a quite a game-changer.”

Wakefern/Shoprite should look into it, especially considering how they publicly proclaim themselves to be “industry leaders in the constant pursuit of environmental sustainability…”

According to my calculations, the roof at Shoprite is about 1.7 acres, which would net at least 65,000 square feet of farming space (after deducting some room for HVAC, etc.)

Andreas added, “I wanted to shine some light on it in the hopes of seeing it catch on faster. I thought it was such a brilliant, affordable and logical thing to do that this would take off faster than an iPhone – but it hasn’t – so maybe getting people aware and lighting the fire underneath the eventual decision makers will make it happen?”

Hoboken Shoprite Rooftop Farms Green Garden Suggestion Idea - Rooftop Farms in Hoboken?

“Apparently the new Whole Foods in Brooklyn will have this on the roof when completed but I believe that this should be on every supermarket. Actual professional farmers could live and work in Hoboken and care about their work and their product because it’s feeding their neighbors. What is not good about new local jobs, better quality produce, no pesticides needed, zero transportation cost or emissions, and year-round produce of all types?”

So maybe Shoprite or Frank Raia (property owner) can answer this question? Have they already looked at it and determined it to be structurally impossible?

Here’s a TedX video of the Lufa Farms founder Mohamed Hage talking about this progressive concept:

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013 2:23 pm

Probably better for a solar panel ‘farm’.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 11:12 am

It’s not that simple to just put a farm on the roof of a building. My guess is that the roof of the Shoprite wasn’t designed to hold the extra weight. If you just added a farm without looking into the structure, there is a chance the roof would collapse.

Monday, August 26, 2013 11:13 am

Good idea, but not enough backroom envelope money to make it worthwhile. You know, doing something good for the community just doesn’t pay.

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