Video: I forgot my phone

The “I forgot my phone” video is even more disturbing since it was introduced back in 2013.

“I Forgot My Phone” will make you think twice this weekend

I forgot my phone - Video: I forgot my phoneYou see, the problem with how mobile phone technology has injected itself into our lives so thoroughly, is that most people cannot even recognize what it is doing to US, and society in general. We’ve become accustomed to having this multi-purpose device at our disposal 24 hours a day. Whether it’s for semi-useful things like checking the weather or using a calculator – to utterly unnecessary extra forms of “communication” (chatter with “friends,” seeing the whole world’s photos, comparing your lives with millions of other people, etc.) – the phone is pretty much not more than a minute away from being “checked.” This video “I forgot my phone” is fantastic. Watch it a couple times to see the point they’re trying to convey.

Besides just making hanging out “in person” so obviously “impersonal” – cell phones also allow people to put themselves in dangerous situations too (like texting while walking.)

Perhaps some of you can try to go an entire night with friends without updating your status, or checking into a location. Bet you can’t, and won’t.

This video also reminded me of a great cartoon my pal Ricardo Roig made a few years ago, called: “Dinner for Four.”

Hobroken Cartoon Ricardo Roig dinner for four Hoboken NJ Hoboken411 - Video: I forgot my phone

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Great find! I’ve been consciously using my phone less and less, the more I see people using them more and more. To release yourself from the trap takes effort but the reward is refreshing.