Wintry weather possible

12/15/2007 Update:

We seemed to escape on Thursday with a manageable and only slightly inconvenient winter event. For tonight and tomorrow, forecasters are currently saying we’ll again be on the lucky side of the storm, receiving only a little ice/sleet/freezing rain before turning completely over to rain. Those north of here, not so lucky.

Note that weather nut Henry Margusity is saying that the computer models for this complicated weather event vary greatly and there is still the chance for prolonged ice, as he predicts the cold air will be in place longer than the models indicate. Like all meteorologists, he’s hoping it’s mega-whopper of a storm across the board, and may be incorporating his wet dreams into his prediction. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. Regardless, it’ll be a rainy, windy mess of a day. Not enough for me to bring the jeans out of the dresser, though!


12/13/2007 Update:

To quote madman Henry Margusity (from his 10pm Wednesday forecast:) “The snow hits Altoona by 10am, Scranton by Lunch, NYC by 2pm. I think NYC has a horrible evening rush hour tomorrow, in fact, as I said in the New York Post Interview today, the weather could be worse Thursday evening than with the storm this weekend.”

I believe the snow will start before 2pm though. I’ll still be in shorts, though!


Always been a fan of any kind of accumulating snow event, so I’m making it my duty to advise all of you of any potential “inclement weather” scenarios that might occur over the next week.

The Meteorologists are drooling at the possibility of a big storm in the northeast over the weekend, plus some possible messy weather tomorrow. Here are a couple graphics and forecast notes as of Tuesday night:

Thursday: A wintry mix of snow, sleet and rain during the day. “The area impacted by frozen precipitation is likely to expand as time goes on, so that the Northeast could actually get the worst of this one. The area from central Pennsylvania eastward could wind up getting mostly snow and ice Thursday into Thursday night.”


Saturday night/Sunday: Maybe a big storm, maybe it’ll miss us. Either way, they’re saying someone is gonna get slammed.

One weather nut says: “Things like this do happen in December. Global warming has not taken over yet. What you see here is an ideal storm track for a big snowfall from the South Central states to the Northeast. Of course, all this is based on the computer models; however, with each run it appears more and more likely that there will be a big winter storm later this week. More detailed predictions soon as the track of this storm becomes clear.

As you might have guessed, being a snow lover myself I am somewhat excited about the whole thing. However, I have been in this business way too long to get my heart set on a big snow. For every big storm that has hit, there have been a dozen that have veered away or turned to rain.”


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Prepare for the flooding!


No fluffy snow.


Just got in from a short walk in North Hoboken – it was treacherous. Seems like it was sleet coming down at first, and then rain.

Not sure if that’s what others are experiencing, but take care out there.


[quote comment=”57881″]I want to have sex with global warming[/quote]
I did…it’s hot…HOT.

Get it? HOT???

Ah, global warming…you are a mystery, wrapped in an enigma.


[quote comment=”57891″][quote comment=”57826″]Let it snow
Let it snow
Let it snow[/quote]

This is what snow will do to this town:

In the end, this will force us all in the end (like in the video) to escape across the Hudson to NYC.[/quote]

My favorite holiday tv show !!