Combined Sewer Outflow Signs?

Hoboken411 gets action – Combined Sewer Outflow Signs!

Back in August – we compared how other cities like Jersey City are responsible, and the have proper Combined Sewer Outflow Signs along the Hudson River to alert residents of the potential (nasty) dangers that exist. Hoboken had NO such signs.

Well lo behold, just under two months later – Hoboken now has the signs. Imagine if the current administration didn’t have this site to use as a “Mayoral Instruction Manual?”

Combined Sewer Outflow Signs installed in Hoboken NJ after Hoboken411 expose

Other cities, sure! But no Combined Sewer Outflow signs in Hoboken?


Each time we pay a visit to one of the cities surrounding Hoboken, we notice “bright spots” that both make our city pale in comparison (like the Newport Green Park for instance), as well as serve as a potential goals to be inspired by and to strive for. One such example is this simple sign along the waterfront walkway / pedestrian bridge which connects Hoboken to Jersey City from Lackawanna Plaza. See how they have “warning signs” that advise that in the case of excessive rain, that the darn Hudson River will be polluted with toxic waste because of the Combined Sewer Outflow pipe?

Combined Sewer Overflow sign in Jersey City NJ not Hoboken

Hoboken has five Combined Sewer Outflow pipes – no signs

Take a look at this map which shows the Combined Sewer Outflow locations in our area. Hoboken has five locations. And not one single sign warning anyone of the potential health hazard. Why is that?

It’s a shame that basic things like this are simply overlooked. We have trees growing out of our piers, potholes galore, and much more gone awry. Perhaps we should expect our city lemmings to even have this on their radar at this point. Too busy opening “pay per play soccer fields” and more bike lanes for cyclists to get creamed by texting drivers.

What a world we live in. Full story at 11.

Hoboken Combined Sewage Outflow Sinatra Park

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Saturday, August 24, 2013 10:13 am

They ran out of money because the bike lane paint blew the budget.

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