Newport Green – Jersey City

Jersey City’s Newport Green – Parks done right

Have you been over to the park in Jersey City called Newport Green? Just steps away via the waterfront path leading from Lackawanna Terminal, it’s a beautiful, well-maintained park that provides tons of amenities for nearby families.

Newport Green Jersey City NJ - Newport Green - Jersey City

Newport Green includes features like an elaborate water-park that puts any Hoboken effort to shame, lounging areas, outdoor ping-pong, free WiFi access, and even a fully functioning merry-go-round!

And as you can see from the signage – they are PROUD to boast that it was a private endeavor, and ZERO public funding was used. In other words – the local government kept their sloppy hands out of it. The result is a nice place that isn’t falling apart at the seams due to mismanagement.

Newport Green Jersey City NJ No Public Funds - Newport Green - Jersey City

You ever wonder why more parks aren’t privately maintained? Such as spots like on 11th Street, in which the Hoboken Island Association cares for. This area is well-kept because caring members of the community take pride in maintaining a beautiful neighborhood.

Newport Green Jersey City NJ carousel - Newport Green - Jersey City

Description: Newport Green park along the waterfront, including 7500 sq. ft. of beach.
Address: 18th St. & Park Lane South, Jersey City, NJ 07310
Phone: 201-626-2010

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