Found Chihuahua in Hoboken

Charlie the Chihuahua happy one year later in new Hoboken home

Charlie the Chihuahua Update Hoboken NJ rescue - Found Chihuahua in HobokenBack in August 2013, we posted this “found Chihuahua” article – and are now at the anniversary to share what has been a very happy year for Hoboken resident Stefanie.

“Samantha had found him on a Friday, and I met her on Sunday in the park – and after taking one look at him – I fell in love! That Monday she was vaccinated and micro-chipped, then fixed the week after.

At first I was so sad someone would leave him, then I realized he was the greatest gift ever. He was only eight months old at the time, and have kept in touch with Sam throughout the year, sending fun photos of Charlie in cute outfits, on vacation with us, etc.

Her kindness for rescuing the dog was the best thing that ever happened to us! Thanks again, Sam!”

Isn’t it great that dogs bring so much joy into our lives?

Lose a dog in Hoboken? Found Chihuahua at Church Square Park


Hoboken resident Samantha happened to find a nervous, yet otherwise good dog yesterday. Is this yours? Do you know who it might belong to?

Found Dog Chihuahua Hoboken NJ - Found Chihuahua in Hoboken

Chihuahua needs to go back home!

“I found a Chihuahua today at 3pm in the Church Square Dog Park. I was there with my dog and I waited over an hour, accosting passersby to find the dog’s person. No luck. So a nice woman, Julieta, and I took him to the Animal Infirmary where they told me that he’s an un-neutered 3-5 year old male. No microchip but he had a white flea collar on. They gave him some flea medicine but no shots yet so he can’t play with my dog (sad).

I reported everything to the Hoboken Police and to Animal Control. I’m looking for an owner or for someone to adopt him (preferably before next week when I go on vacation!) He seems nervous but is very sweet.”

Email Hoboken411 if this dog is yours or with information on how to get him back home to his rightful owner!

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Sunday, August 11, 2013 6:37 am

I can tell you that he IS a very nice dog. I arrived with my dog at the park a little bit after Samantha did and she asked if I had ever seen him before. I had not. I also had never met Samantha before, and didn’t know her name until reading this. She deserves some special recognition, because she really went out of her way to care for this little guy and get him to a safe place. She and Julieta, whom I also had not met before, are really great people. Now this sweet little dog can go to a great home. I would adopt him myself, but there is a one dog per apartment limit where I live. I know this dog will make a person or a family very happy. I hope to see him at the dog park again someday under better circumstances with someone who loves bringing him there.

Sunday, August 11, 2013 12:59 am

I bet it’s a nice dog, but I cannot argue why someone would want to rid themselves of it. But they could have gone about it in a more sensitive way. I’m sure it will be adopted soon enough.

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