Skater Virginia Mason makes Hoboken proud

Councilwoman Mason’s daughter competes in National Showcase

Virginia Mason National Showcase 2013 Figure Skating Good News Hoboken NJHere’s a bit of good news for the community! This past weekend, 2nd Ward Councilman Beth Mason’s daughter Virginia Mason, who is an aspiring figure ice-skater, competed at the 2013 National Showcase. This event was sponsored by U.S. Figure Staking.

The competition was held at the Hyannis Youth and Community Center in Hyannis, Massachusetts. Participants from across America performed, and Virginia managed to come in 6th place in the “Pre-Juvenile Dramatic Entertainment” finals. Way to go!

She was able to compete at the prestigious National Showcase because she placed in the top three skaters at the Eastern Regional. The National Showcase is the equivalent to making it to the NCAA finals after competing in the conference tournaments, meaning only the top skaters across the country have that distinction!

Virginia has been a dedicated skater for many years, and often wakes up for practice before school, and hits the ice again as soon as school ends.

Isn’t it cool to see a Hudson County kid competing with the best in the country? This is what happens when you spend less time with your technology gadgets!

Virginia Mason National Showcase 2013 Figure Skating Hoboken NJ

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Congratulations Virgina – keep up the great work

Mrs. L
Mrs. L

Congrats, Virginia!