Shade Tree Commission meets tonight?


In the last monthly meeting of the year, the Shade Tree Commission is scheduled to meet at 7pm tonight at City Hall (ground floor conference room).

If you’re looking for heated exchanges and “quotable” comments, this may not be your bag, baby.

However, in tonight’s meeting they’re supposed to wrap up the fall planting for certain residents, as well as note that Leah Healy’s suggestion to put the “13 Reasons to Plant Trees” list was published on the City’s (horrible, but better than it’s been) website.

Here’s a couple to get you started. Read the rest after the break. Complete agenda can be found here.


13 Reasons to Plant Trees

  • 1. Trees conserve energy in the summer and save you money. Properly planted trees can cut your air-conditioning costs by 15 to 35 %. Trees reduce the amount of re-radiated and reflected heat from streets, buildings, and sidewalks.
  • 2. Trees conserve energy in the winter. Trees can slow cold winter winds and can cut your heating costs 10 to 20 %.
  • 3. Trees help clean the air. Trees produce the pure oxygen we breathe, and remove air pollution by lowering air temperature, through respiration and by retaining particulates.

13 reasons (continued)

  • 4. Trees bring songbirds close by. Bird songs will fill the air as trees provide nesting sites, food, and cover for countless species.
  • 5. Trees shelter and nourish wildlife from bears to bald eagles and salmon to salamanders.
  • 6. Trees reduce the cost of controlling stormwater. Trees reduce the peak stormwater flow; they increase the time to reach peak flow; and trees decrease total runoff volume. Trees intercept and evaporate heavy rain water. They aid soil in absorbing stormwaters into the groundwater. They promote soil permeability to facilitate groundwater recharge.
  • 7. Trees around your home can increase its property value by up to 15 % or more. Studies of comparable houses with and without trees place a markedly higher value on those whose yards are sheltered by trees.
  • 8. Trees can help clean our rivers and streams. Trees hold the soil in place and reduce polluted runoff into our waterways.
  • 9. Trees purify water and help make waterways safe for drinking, boating, fishing, and wildlife.
  • 10. Trees fight global warming. They remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the major contributor to the threat of global warming. Trees cool the air, land, and water with leafy shade and moisture. Trees planted near our homes and in our community moderate temperatures, and reduce the need for air-conditioning and heating produced by burning fossil fuels, a major source of excess atmospheric carbon dioxide. Planting trees offsets greenhouse gasses from your home and car.
  • 11. Trees make your home and your neighborhood more beautiful. Trees mark the changing seasons and add grace and seasonal color. Trees make a house feel like a home. They improve the quality of life, build community spirit, and reduce crime.
  • 12. Trees are educational and fun. Planting and caring for trees can be a great family and community-building activity. Trees can share the joy of a birth or a birthday, remember a loved one, or say thank you to a friend.
  • 13. The National Arbor Day Foundation will send you 10 free flowering tree seedlings (six to twelve inches each) for planting. They are guaranteed to grow or be replaced free of charge. They generally supply 2-Flowering Dogwoods, 2-Flowering Crabapples, 2 Bradford Pears, 2 Washington Hawthorns, and 2 American Redbuds or other trees selected for our area. They will also send a colorful bi-monthly magazine, “Arbor Day” and a copy of “The Tree Book” with tree planting and care information.

If you want plant your Trees for America, send $10.00 contribution to:
10 Flowering Trees
The National Arbor Day Foundation
100 Arbor Avenue
Nebraska City, Nebraska 68410

Or order on line at: Trees ordered now are shipped in time for spring and autumn planting. American Forests Releaf Program will plant trees on your behalf in one of their more than 100 tree planting projects country wide for $1.00 per tree.

They can be contacted at:
American Forests
PO Box 2000
Washington, D. C. 20013
or on line at:

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Everyone should know this: wrote:

ATTENTION: Everyone who wants to protect Church Square Park –

Heard a rumor that there MAY be a Parks meeting on Thursday (5:15)

Further rumored that there is heavy pressure to remove the new trees immediately (which, due to the cold weahter, will kill them) and city may cave in to the pressure.

No further details known right now. Trying to get more info and invite 411 readers to try to find out what is going on as well. Cunningham, Giachi are on the Parks & Recreation Comittee. Tell them, regardless of any pressure from any one person or any one group it is unacceptable that any trees be killed….Russo is also on the committee, but has said “off the record” that he does not approve of the trees – He may be spearheading their removal (bloody tree killer).

They have got to stop these unannounced meetings for CERTAIN PEOPLE who live in Hoboken. The issue with the park is that it is EVERYONE’S PARK AND EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A SAY. This favoritism for a few people has got to stop regarding a public space for EVERYONE.