Temporary parking robbery in Hoboken

Killing Hoboken slowly: Temporary parking nightmares continue

We all know that without the draconian parking “regulations” here in Hoboken, the city would be short millions of YOUR dollars per year. That might be bad for them – but it certainly would be great for your bank accounts as well as the local economy. Well today, Hoboken resident Jack experienced what happens on a daily basis – a temporary parking sign blunder which cost him hundreds of dollars, loss of his vehicle, and hours wasted dealing with paperwork and useless communiques with the stooges at city hall.

Read on to see what a burden this mockery of a city is causing its residents.

Hoboken Temporary parking debacles cause permanent headaches for residents and visitors - Temporary parking robbery in Hoboken

Towed for no reason in Hoboken – Temporary parking sign debacle

In a letter to the city, Jack wrote:

“My car was towed this morning (August 6th). After speaking to a few of your colleagues, I am told that I was towed for parking in front of a temporary no parking sign. The sign I parked in front of was effective Wednesday, August 7th – Friday, August 9th. Therefore, I should not have been towed on August 6th. The signs were photographed on the evening of August 5th (one day before the towing).

I have been a law abiding Hoboken resident for 5 years and have never had anything like this happen before.

I understand that the process for resolving these matters typically requires a court appearance to contest the towing. Please let me know if there is any way to make an exception in this case. As I am sure most people can appreciate, I am spread thin from a financial perspective. I certainly do not have the free time to make a court appearance. Given these pictures, it is clear that the Hoboken Parking Authority towed my car in error. The towing fee is $177.10, which I need to pay this evening in order to avoid additional fees from Mile Square Towing. I’m sure there will be a ticket too. I am asking you to void the ticket, and to call Mile Square Towing to allow me to pick my car up free of charge.”

Let’s see how far he gets. And if he somehow receives restitution, perhaps it can set a precedent in town to make things easier.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013 6:33 pm

I wonder how the mayors army of bully bloggers will spin this one!

The whole point is they know most people won’t go to court, one of the reasons why it is scheduled midday, so illegal tows will only increase as more money is wasted on various lawsuits. Robbery with little resistance. Where I grew up, municipal court was always held at night to ensure citizens could attend and be heard.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 4:26 pm

Nothing new here. They’re making so much money with boots and tows that they can’t keep track. Like the feeding frenzy at Walmart on Black Friday. Something is bound to go wrong.

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