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Ines sent this thank you note to Hoboken411 today:

“Thank you, 411!

For bringing awareness to our effort to get Bill Richardson on the NJ Presidential Primary ballot. We made it! Richardson along with 5 other Democrats (Biden, Clinton, Edwards, Kucinich and Obama) will be on the Democratic ballot. The Republican choices will be Giuliani, Huckabee, McCain, Paul, Romney and Thompson. My running mates for the Richardson delegate positions in Hudson County’s District 16 will be Andrew Wirtz and Emily Monus. I hope your readers will familiarize themselves with the candidates’ platform and experience and consider voting for Richardson on February 5th.”

411: You’re welcome, Ines!


hoboken-bill-richardson-president.jpgHoboken411 doesn’t have a political affiliation and doesn’t support one Presidential candidate or another (right now at least). But I’m more than willing to publish what the readers send me. I’m sure as the 2008 Presidential Election nears (along with the Primaries, etc.), national political talk will pick up.

Today, Inés García Keim expresses her support for Democratic candidate Bill Richardson, and how you can sign a petition tomorrow at the mid-town Dunkin’ Donuts. (more on some other candidates tomorrow).

“Dear 411,

I am in the process of collecting signatures to help put Bill Richardson on the NJ Presidential Primary ballot this February. I am a long time admirer of Richardson’s, and I think he has the most relevant experience and qualifications for the job of President. I also feel that the Republicans would have a real hard time figuring out how to beat him should he become the Democratic nominee. Since most of the Hudson County’s big politicos are already associated with Clinton or Obama this is a purely grassroots effort and I thought your readers might be interested in supporting it.


The only requirements to sign Bill’s petition are that you must be a registered Democrat living in NJ who has not signed a ballot petition for another presidential candidate. By signing, you are not obligated to vote for Richardson, you are simply stating that you want to see him on the NJ ballot. While I gather these signatures, I am also asking people to sign my petition to be a delegate for Richardson from our district. That is secondary; Bill’s petition comes first, since if he is not on the ballot there is no need for delegates. Our delegate district includes NJ Legislative Districts 31 and 33 comprised of all of Hoboken, Weehawken, Union City, Bayonne, West NY, Guttenberg and many parts of Jersey City. Luis Amely from Bayonne and Emily Monus from Jersey City are my running mates in Delegate District 16.

I will be at the Dunkin’ Donuts at 700 Washington Street tomorrow, Saturday, December 8th from 10 AM until noon (maybe later) with the petitions. I will also have voter registration and party affiliation change forms with me. If any of your readers would like to join me in signing Bill Richardson’s petition to be a Presidential candidate in New Jersey, please stop by on your way to get your cup of joe or on your way to Saturday errands. If you are unable to stop by please e-mail me at and I will get the petitions to you. This is the last weekend to gather signatures so please do it!

Thanks, 411 for being a great outlet for grassroots political efforts.

All the best,

Inés García Keim

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Hey H411 is there a general presidential election thread where we can put stuff.

In the mean time enjoy this highly informative Huckabee ad. 🙂


what i like about bill richardson is that he seems to be the ONLY one who understands that our middle east cl@sterf@ck is because of our 50 year old outdated energy policy. We all know that we cant keep consuming all the oil we want, and that the geopolitical implications of being in bed with some very un-democratic countries just for their cheap oil makes us hypocrites of the highest order. Any candidate – D or R or Lib – who tells you that they’ve got the “answer” to the middle east is full of you know what. We’re there now, and we will be for a long long time. The only way to extricate ourselves out of that corner of the world where we are so not wanted is to wean ourselves off of oil starting NOW, and in a big way. Reducing our Oil Dependency is THE WAY to get us out of Iraq. Go Richardson!
To compare the candidates on the issues btw go here:


Save some donuts for the ever expanding Richardson. Why put him on the ballot? Just because he has the strongest plan to turn Iraq into another Cambodia.

He’s not even running for President. He’s running to be Vice President for the next Clinton mob machine. He does have a much better resume than most of his opponents, but the word is that in addition to his love of donuts, he also has a problem in how he treats the ladies.

Wonder who he learned that from?


Ron Paul 2008