Machine Gun bullets found in Hoboken


Around noon today, a Hoboken411 reader spotted this part of an ammunition belt along the waterfront!


“They looked like Rambo bullets on the grounds of the Stevens parking lot located on Sinatra Drive.

We told the authorities at the lot and they were supposed to contact the Hoboken Police Department. No clue what happened, but my buddy who is a reserve said they looked live and for some kind of big gun. Scary stuff! We kept on our own way but hope they were disposed of properly.

Keep up the good work on the site!”

Wonder who they belonged to? I think I saw this guy walking towards the W Hotel construction site.


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What did the Stevens police do with it?


I wish that pic was bigger…


I thought the same thing 411, but I am no expert on the different types of nail gun “ammo”, I wasn’t able to find any pictures other than the one you posted, but I did see some specs for a .27 caliber driver for a nailgun, just no pics.

I don’t think this is machine gun ammo. Any belt ammo is a large shell and a full metal jacket (a conical copper bullet).

Maybe they’re some kind of blank?


It really is hard to tell.

It definitely isn’t .50 caliber ammunition (which is about 5.5 inches long), and it also doesn’t look like some of the smaller ammunition that can sometimes be found in belt-fed weapons like the .308 Winchester or the Russian 7.62 x 39 or 7.62 x 54R.

Plus the darker part sticking out above the brass seems to have a flat rather than a rounded military ball head.

Strange, one way or the other…