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There’s more going on in Hoboken other than budget workshops, Council meetings and chick pics with guns.

Last night, before the third “meeting of the minds” at City Hall, there was a Parks Committee meeting to discuss the newly planted trees in Church Square Park.

Parks Committee discusses trees

The meeting was hosted by Councilmen Russo, Giacchi and Cunningham and was attended by a few (appox.12-14) residents (including 3 children) divided equally on the issue at hand, which was whether the newly planted trees in CSP should be removed. Also in attendance were Commissioner Rango and Director Peluso. While Councilman Russo didn’t publicly state his position on the issue, he mentioned off-the-record afterward that he does not approve of them.

Hoboken trees church square park

It was reported at the meeting by Commissioner Rango that the changes which have been made to CSP over the last five or so years were part of a plan implemented largely by “strong lobbying” group of school administrators who originally requested that many more changes be incorporated into CSP than those the citizens currently see. According to Rango, the school administrators requested four monkey bar apparatus’, two large sections of Astroturf and a water park feature (similar to the feature at Jackson Square Park and Madison Park). What was done to the park represents a compromise made to the “strong lobbying” group.

Citizen Comments

The parents in attendance made it clear that they had had nothing to do with that lobbying effort, but believed that, since these additions to the park were encroaching on the necessary space for their children to run around for recess or sports activity, the trees needed to be removed.

Citizens in favor of leaving the trees expressed concern that if the trees were removed, ultimately the city would Astroturf the northwest quadrant. Councilpersons in attendance assured the residents that this would not happen.

Most of the parents expressed some measure of discomfort at what, essentially, amounted to lobbying against trees, but felt that, due to the lack of space, there was no option.

One citizen suggested that the children be brought to the soccer field for their organized sports, to which one parent responded that the walking distance to the soccer field cut into necessary recreation time. Curiously, the same parent avowed that, if there was a ball field in the Northwest section of Hoboken, she would go there.

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Then another citizen asked several parents if they had the choice between removing the trees and removing the monkey bars and Toddler Park, would they prefer to see the monkey bars and Toddler Park removed and the trees remain or visa versa. Most of the parents did not answer the question. One parent said that it was more practical to remove the trees than the apparatus equipment.

Another parent stated that she never saw anyone in the park except children.

One senior citizen expressed concern that children and seniors were being pitted against each other and was concerned that there was almost no passive space left for seniors to sit and read the paper or just relax. Another citizen concurred advising that his 80 year old mother no longer wanted to go to the park due to lack of passive space.

A citizen asked how much of the park is currently dedicated to recreational space. Director Peluso advised that 80% of the park is now dedicated to recreational activity of one sort or another. One parent felt that more than just the four newly planted trees being discussed should be removed and suggested specific areas of the park where additional trees could be removed and, perhaps, placed elsewhere on the streetscape where they belong. This parent also stated that the city should be ashamed that they provided more open space for dogs in Hoboken than they do for children. The parent further commented that “a child could be running to catch a ball and might run into a tree and die”.

At this point, the meeting disintegrated into an angry altercation among the attendees, one citizen stating that these parents seem to think that the park is only for their children and nobody else.

When the participants quieted down one parent, who stated that the planted trees were some of the most beautiful he had ever seen, felt that most of the anger had more to do with citizens feeling that changes had been made to the park without citizen input. The final citizen to comment, a non-parent, suggested that the parents were not doing the children a service in wanting things removed that ultimately would be the things that the children would remember, trees, historical things like buildings, etc.

The meeting concluded with the council advising that they would give all of the participants’ comments consideration before deciding what (if anything) would be done and mentioning that, perhaps, the needs of the community had change in the last five years.

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[quote comment=”58049″][QUOTE]Is there something wrong with her child? [/quote]

I think there is something wrong with her.


From the recap [QUOTE]“a child could be running to catch a ball and might run into a tree and die”.[/QUOTE]

My mind keeps coming back to this line. A kid running for a ball should also be paying attention to where the heck they are running.

Follow her irrational statement to the irrational conclusion and you can see how messed up she is.

They could run into a fence and die. Take out the fence. They could run into the street and die. Outlaw driving near the park. They could run into a building and die.

I’m visually impaired and have participated in sporting events for the blind and visually and impaired. I’ve seen blind kids run around the campus of Drew University. Heck I had one heck of wicked water balloon fight all over that campus with my other ‘bat’ish friends. Is there something wrong with her child? Should we contact the commission for the blind and visually impaired to send a mobility instructor out to teach her child how not to run into hazards?


The trees kill the grass. Where will the dogs piss?


[quote comment=”57710″]ATTENTION: Everyone who wants to protect Church Square Park –

Heard a rumor that there MAY be a Parks meeting on Thursday

Further rumored that there is heavy pressure to remove the new trees immediately (which, due to the cold weahter, will kill them) and city may cave in to the pressure.

No further details known right now. Trying to get more info and invite 411 readers to try to find out what is going on as well. Cunningham, Giachi are on the Parks & Recreation Comittee. Tell them, regardless of any pressure from any one person or any one group it is unacceptable that any trees be killed….Russo is also on the committee, but has said “off the record” that he does not approve of the trees – He may be spearheading their removal (bloody tree killer).[/quote]

They have got to stop these unannounced meetings for CERTAIN PEOPLE who live in Hoboken. The issue with the park is that it is EVERYONE’S PARK AND EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A SAY. This favoritism for a few people has got to stop regarding a public space for EVERYONE!!!


Get rid of the trees but keep them there and dig them up but plant them in the ground we want more trees but less trees – some over here, some over there but none right by me if thats OK – kill them save them more less yes no right wrong good bad. Questions?