Does Hertz even care about local biz?

What local businesses does Hertz love? None, apparently!

Hertz 24 7 cars dont advertise local businesses in Hoboken NJ - Does Hertz even care about local biz?Please don’t ask me why, but the other day I absolutely needed to rent one of those Hertz 24/7 cars (Hertz on Demand, etc.) Which was all fine and dandy. It was a mid-week day, and cheap as heck. Maybe $20 bucks or so? But one thing that got me was that fruity control pad in the vehicle.

This car “robot” talked to you almost non stop, mentioning updates and other distracting and useless information. But the worst thing about it was the constant “marketing” of chain-friggin-restaurants!

You’d think that while Hertz is making “in-roads” with local communities like Hoboken – that they’d also support local businesses! And why aren’t the dopey geniuses at City Hall that thought that bringing Hertz 24/7 into Hoboken was such a splendid idea – also think beyond stealing parking from residents? Why not add local restaurants instead of chains? Out of the nine restaurants listed on this screen – only two were in Hoboken (McDonald’s and Subway). I’d hardly call that supporting local businesses (unless you count how they contribute to the local sewerage system…)

With technology as advanced as it is today – there is absolutely NO EXCUSE why local area bars and restaurants are NOT on this list! Madison’s, Charrito’s, Village Pourhouse, Trinity, Little Town NJ, and even places like lunch trucks and Pier 13.

Someone at City Hall would score some points if they could change this commercial monopoly of billion dollar companies, and demonstrate that Hertz really cares about localities like Hoboken beyond the profits they make.

We’ll see how long this takes…

Hertz on Demand Never Lost supports chain restaurants not local Hoboken NJ businesses - Does Hertz even care about local biz?

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