Speed Bag Scissorhands at CKO Hoboken

CKO Kickboxing hosts Speed Bag Scissorhands

Speed Bag Scissorhands at CKO Kickboxing in Hoboken NJInterested in an unusual fitness demonstration here in Hoboken? Head over to CKO Kickboxing at 9th & Madison tonight at 7:30pm to watch Speed Bag Scissorhands teach local residents how to property hit a speed bag.

Apparently he’s the fastest in the world!

Speed Bag Scissorhands has received media attention on MTV and even trained local NJ resident and music-star Bruce Springsteen how hit a speed bag as well.

“Speed bag Scissorhands is not only about speed bagging but about achieving goals and dreams. Starting out speed bagging on a tree in New Jersey, SBSH has made it to major celeb websites and a sponsorship with one of boxing’s best known sporting equipment brands: Balazs Boxing. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself and follow your passions and dreams!”

Take a look at this video. Insane, right?

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