Honschar street artist visits Hoboken

Honschar, famous NYC sidewalk artist appears in Hoboken

NYC sidewalk artist Honschar visits Hoboken NJDid you notice the colorful and well-designed sidewalk art in Hoboken last week? It certainly was no mystery where they came from, as the artist Hans Honschar signed his name on all of them!

Honschar, who dubs himself as an “artistic caligrapher,” is known in NYC for his sidewalk sayings and quotations like “This moment is more precious than you think,” and “every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around,” and more. And you gotta hand it to him – he’s excellent at it!

He said the secret to his long lasting chalk displays are because he wets the chalk prior to using it, which allows it to go on thicker.

Well, the art in Hoboken was a bit different than the general uplifting messages seen in NYC. These were more like little promotions for the stores next to them (like Galatea). I’m guessing that’s how he earns money by asking the businesses for contributions. You feel like commissioning Honschar? Give him a ring at 917-923-5404.

Here’s a video Brian Dubé of New York Daily Photo did about him a year ago in the city:

Enjoy your lunch!

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