Thirst-quenching dog toys

Cornerstone Pets offers thirst-quenching dog toys for summer

The significant heat wave we had back in July was pretty brutal. And not just for humans, but for our pooches too! While we may not have another extended hot-blast as bad as that one, there is still plenty of summer left! You might want to consider some thirst-quenching dog toys to keep your four-legged friends hydrated!

Cornerstone Pets (9th & Washington) started carrying these neat items. I hadn’t recalled seeing them in previous years. Chilly Bone and Hydro Bone.

  • Chilly Bone ($9) is a soft toy that you add water to, freeze and let the yummy frozen madness begin!
  • Hydro Bone ($12) can be used similarly, or can just simply be soaked in cold water – so that when the dog chews it, water squirts in their mouth to quench them!

Have fun!

Chilly Bone and Hydro Bone thirst-quenching dog toys at Cornerstone Pets Hoboken NJ

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