Hacked Hoboken tree of the day

Hacked Hoboken trees – Is oversight really needed?

The other day, a contractor was pruning some tree limbs along Hudson Street, because, according to him – PSE&G ordered them to clear them from the power lines.” The result was a somewhat hacked Hoboken tree. But I thought, “well, if it can possibly prevent power outages or dangerous conditions during a storm – makes sense!” Nature and technology don’t always play well together – and sometimes sacrifices are necessary.

Hacked Hoboken tree Hudson Street - Hacked Hoboken tree of the day

Meddling results in fines; city pickpockets contractor

Well, someone thought cutting a tree for sensible reasons was a “no, no” according to our asinine government. Hoboken Police were called on scene to waste property taxpayer dollars on this harmless operation.

Apparently, because of the Parks Dept. (or some other bloated “function” of the city), the contractor was ordered to stop “fixing” the tree – and was issued a stiff summons for this action.


Take a look at other trees and “foliage” in Hoboken. It really doesn’t make a damn bit of difference. And the fact that the city has “jurisdiction” over something unnecessary like the few trees we have in this concrete jungle makes some residents sick. Because the majority here “enable” and “empower” any government entity to pickpocket reasonable people for doing what they believed was the right, safe thing to do is scary. Let the people manage their own trees! The more fringe laws added to the “books,” the more ways they can siphon money out of the local economy and into city coffers.

Leave trees out of it. Unless you infringe on another persons property – trees have no business in public “policy” enforcement. Let them put out fires and arrest thieves or murderers. Sheesh!

Hacked Hoboken tree Hudson Street close up - Hacked Hoboken tree of the day

PS – and because the contractors were ordered to stop, the pruning ceased prematurely – which might eventually harm this tree permanently.

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Lets count a few reasons why we need the city here:
1. As a homeowner who paid to plant new trees outside my new home, I don’t want someone coming along cutting my tree without a utility and safety inspection.
2. If said tree does new to be pruned, I want it done by a skilled tree trimmer who know how to pure a tree without killing it, as well as how to do so near power lines safely.
3. Utilities generally care only about their lines, so a city parks department person looking out for the simple beauty of trees in our concrete jungle is welcome.
4. I think handing a contractor who does not have the skills previously mentioned to safely work around power lines is appropriate.
Many would all be bitching if that contractor let a branch fall and cut a line- everyone would want to know why the stupid city lets just anyone trim trees. It’s all Zimmers fault right?


Another example of useless government.