Hoboken Hole of the Day: 7/25

Hoboken Hole of the Day located at 6th & Washington

Today’s Hoboken Hole of the Day was spotted last night by Hoboken411 reader Shannon, who was fearful this “sinkhole” might get bigger and damage vehicles in the lane of traffic. When we checked it out this afternoon, Joel Mestre and others from the Hoboken OEM Dept were already on scene. They said it was not a “threatening” divot, but rather a dry hole between a sewage pipe and electrical conduit. No threat of water main break – unless of course someone screws it up, which is common in Hoboken.

Another day in the neighborhood.

Hoboken Hole of the Day 6th Washington

About Hoboken Hole of the Day

Hoboken holes are quite common (and not even including the “A” types.) This category on Hoboken411 will encompass all the other Hoboken holes. Sinkholes, potholes, holes in piers, holes in cars, windows, buildings and what not.

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City is falling apart everywhere. Our mayor has a hole in her head too.

joey maxim
joey maxim

the heavy laden trucks beinging steel sewarge bipes,rewire,cement,have much to do wih the sink holes..Never like this 20 years ago..Times change ,people change and complaints are situation norm…Revelers will be paying visits tonight. 😀 [quote comment=”221272″]City is falling apart everywhere. Our mayor has a hole in her head too.[/quote]