Starbucks App Pick of the Week

Do you waste time with Starbucks App Pick of the Week?

We stop at Starbucks in Hoboken fairly routinely because one happens to be on a frequent loop we like to take. And over the years, I’ve noticed the bins of free Starbucks App Pick of the Week for Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods. Heck, I’ve even checked one or two out.

But I’ve realized that most of this stuff they’re giving away doesn’t really add any value to anyone’s lives. In fact, by them peddling these apps – along with the massive exposure Starbucks has, they could be drastically lowering the productivity of this country single-handedly!

Just because “there’s an app for that” as the Apple marketing slogan indicates – doesn’t mean you need to further incorporate your smartphone into your daily lives. Don’t people still want to know how to do things the old-fashioned way? The more you rely on your phone to take place of brainwave activity – the more “lost” you will be if another Hurricane Sandy hits and you lose your precious charge.

Do you like to be self-reliant? Or treat your devices like external brains?

Free Starbucks App Pick of the Week robs you of time in Hoboken NJ

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Unplugged from the mobile tech a while ago when I realized the power it wields over you. Was hard to put down. And by doing so, I’m no worse off. Not missing anything. Now I find it very entertaining watching everyone else get sucked in. They can’t see it.