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Hoboken Tape Artist

Hoboken Tape Artist - Tape ArtistRemember that Pac Man rendering made of tape on the old Wonder Bread factory last year? Well – that is the work of the Tape Artist in Hoboken!

He recently “updated” the façade of the building – along with some marketing for this unique artist.

“In 2004, E.S. Klein began working with Duct Tape inventing a novel form of Art when he first moved to Manhattan to pursue a career in Acting. After tragedy struck with the loss of his mother, his Uncle beckoned him to move to California which Klein graciously accepted the prospect to clear his psyche and to find his passion for his craft once more. After designing a series of four abstract faces as a tribute to his Uncle, he returned to the east coast where he found a loft in the old Wonder Bread factory in Hoboken, NJ. The Tape Artist built every room from scratch with his two bare hands. The loft is now an elite gallery, adorned with his magnum opus ‘and a masterpiece in its own rite. Every wall, window, brick and mortar has been taped inside and out.

The Tape Artist has endured more pain and sorrow in the past 14 years then most will incur in an entire life span with the loss of his parents as well as several close friends whom perished on September 11th, 2001. He channels his emotions into his artwork giving the viewer a glimpse into his soul. Klein accredits celebrated Artist Peter T. Tunney, known for taking any object from a gum wrapper to a human being and generating a masterpiece with the chosen entity, with awakening the artist within him and for finding his “paint brush” in Tape after a chance meeting with the Icon.

He has been commissioned to create custom works of Art for the Son of Sean “Puffy” Combs, W Hotels, Club H and Set Designer for David LaChapelle. As an innovator in his craft, E.S. Klein conceptualizes every work of art assuring each is exclusively one of its kind.”

Description: Tape Artist. Works of art made of individual pieces of colored tape. E.S. Klein.
Address: Hoboken, NJ
Phone: (646)727-5252
Email: imanana@tapeartist.com
Online: tapeartist.com

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