Car Stolen: I told you so


I tend to have faith in people, but not as much as the guy who just had his tan Toyota Camry stolen from the area of 9th and Willow. The thief then was spotting turning west on Newark St., from Willow. Cops then “lost” the guy.

It was a chinese food delivery guy who left his keys in the car when he went inside a building. A minute or two later, car gone. I wonder what his fortune cookie said today? “Man with keys in car feeling crazy and cold. Man with keys in pocket may still feel nuts, but not as cold!


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[quote comment=”57014″][quote comment=”56950″][quote comment=”56878″][quote comment=”56837″]poor guy… these guys work so hard too. As long as he got his car back.

Speaking of which, how much do people generally tip delivery men? I try to do at least a buck per item but never under $4.00.[/quote]
You normally order 4 items?!? Friggin pig[/quote]

I said I never give less than 4 dollars you dumb Guido.

If I order 1 thing I still give a minimum of 4 bucks for his time.

Learn to Read!![/quote]
Then why not just say, “I always tip atleast $4”?

I would like to correct my previous comment and say:
Stupid fat pig[/quote]

First off, don’t tell me how to phrase my thoughts.

Second off, the last thing I am is fat.

I am ditzy at times but definitely not stupid. You’re the moron who cannot read.


[quote comment=”56945″]police officers are not restrained by laws applied to the civilian population. they also speed and carry guns and are permitted to shoot people. you see the difference here, right forrest?[/quote]

Actually, there is a hefty body of law regarding the use of force and deadly force, but in general, non-police officers have the right to use force or deadly force proportional to the threats they face when they or someone else are being robbed or attacked. So to say than only police officers are allowed to shoot people is not quite accurate.

Non-police officers cannot use force or deadly force to arrest someone, of course, but if someone is threatening you with a gun, in many circumstances you are allowed to respond with a proportional amount of force.

Here’s an introduction:


LMAO- Thank you for the best thread on 411.




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