“Extreme Weather” and “Politics”

Various climate, environmental meetings this week in Hoboken

I find it amazing how “extreme weather” issues that have absolutely nothing to do with humans – always become big talking points for politicians or environmental activists. And it seems the “audience” for this subject matter grows daily as well. All it takes is for a “superstorm” like Sandy to scare people into submission and gullibility.

For your consumption:

Extreme weather events in Hoboken NJ - "Extreme Weather" and "Politics"

  • TODAY – Politicians and environmental activists will be down at the PATH station at 11:30am to talk about “EXTREME WEATHER!” You can see the “spooky” weather graphics that everyone is running scared about here. I sort of feel bad for the “group” as a whole. Because I bet you anything there are many “non-believers” in there, but they have to tow the party line or get cast out. Oh well. Those are the breaks when you play that game.
  • And on Wednesday, July 24thTogether North Jersey has an all day “public survey” over at the HOPES’ Family Resource Center (532 Jackson Street #1B). From 10am to 4pm, residents are welcome to participate in the “Hoboken Green Infrastructure Strategic Plan” survey in an attempt to “resolve” the frequency of flooding in Hoboken. Umm, ok. You think over-development might have a teeny bit to do with it? Nah, let’s put grass on the rooftops instead! Sigh.

EXTREME WEATHER IN HOBOKEN NJ - "Extreme Weather" and "Politics"

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