Ruben Ramos – Vision For Hoboken

Ruben Ramos “Vision For Hoboken” Campaign HQ opens

Vision for Hoboken Mayoral candidate Ruben J. Ramos, Jr. and his slate of At-Large City Council candidates announced the grand opening of their campaign office. The office, located at 801 Washington Street in Hoboken (former home of Ralph’s Italian Ices), will be the base of operations for volunteer, public relations, community outreach, and campaign management activities. It will be open Monday through Saturday from 11:00AM to 7:00PM starting today.

If you’d like to see what this campaign is all about, you’re welcome to attend the official grand opening celebration tonight from 6pm to 8pm.

Light refreshments will be served, and all four of the candidates will be present to answer questions and meet with local voters and supporters.

See more at

(Wondering why they didn’t use “” Someone from the Don Zimmer camp “stole” the URL when they got word of the competing campaign name.)

Ruben Ramos Vision 4 Hoboken Campaign Headquarters 801 Washington Street - Ruben Ramos - Vision For Hoboken

About Ruben Ramos and Vision For Hoboken


We’re men and women of various backgrounds; we’re parents, businessmen and community leaders working together on a Vision for Hoboken. There’s no single solution to the challenges in our community, and we want to have a conversation with the community about how we can make Hoboken a better place to live. We’re not afraid to stand up and negotiate for Hoboken, even if it’s difficult or politically unpopular.


Hobokenites are categorized as Old Hoboken or New Hoboken, stereotyping that unfairly divides the city. Recent activity in City Hall only exacerbates the problem by using divide-and-conquer tactics and imposing a singular view on the challenges facing our City. These days, most politicians focus is on enhancing and protecting their political profile, not on making the hard choices to improving our communities. Vision for Hoboken is less interested in being the first take credit for solving a problem, but more interested in being the first to stand up to special interests and others that do not keep our City’s best interests in mind. We promise to make the tough decisions, not to ignore or delay addressing the major issues our day, because our chief interest is a better more, vibrant Hoboken, not the promise of a future political office.

Read more about the Ruben Ramos campaign “Vision” here.

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OMG! Banjo Eyes That’s Classic: Ruben Ramos as I type this has my vote. I do want to see if anyone else throws their hat into The Mayoral Ring. I will however vote for anyone other than Dawn Zimmer.

hoboken martello
hoboken martello

God willing all the other usual suspects have smartened up since the election that put banjo eyes in city hall where they all thought they had a chance and only cannibalized each others support and led to a cake walk. Head to head I think Ruben has a great chance and would be a fine mayor as he actually seems to care about Hoboken and its residents based on his record as an assemblyman.


He already has my vote. Anyone but our current administration. Compare their accomplishments in (OVER) four years to the fancy election promises they made. I will not give them another four years to stumble on the job. FAIL.