Hoboken Movie Lineup: 7/26/2013

Bow Tie Cinemas Movie Times Hoboken NJ

Bow Tie Cinemas Hoboken NJTwo new flicks to choose from this weekend!

  • Another “franchise” action movie (X-Men): The Wolverine starring Hugh Jackman (I actually like that guy). This looks like it would be entertaining, and
  • A “feel good” coming of age movie called The Way, Way Back starring Steve Carell. Also got some accolades (Sundance, etc.)

Not bad picks for Bow Tie Cinemas this week! Hence the bonus double-feature preview videos today!

The rest of the Hoboken Bow Tie Cinemas movie times below…

Movie Trailer: The Way, Way Back

Did you know that the “Way, Way Back” is the very back end of the family station wagon? It’s where either outcast kids sat, or where Dad sent you when you mouthed off too much.

Movie Trailer: The Wolverine

Hoboken Movie Times for Monday, August 21st

(Current Bow Tie Cinemas Movie Times in Hoboken, NJ below.)

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