Is this your cat?

Cute kitty roaming Hoboken – is this your cat?

A very cute cat has been noticed in midtown Hoboken. Is this your cat?

“This cat has been hanging around our garage between 5th and 6th on Grand.

It seems very friendly and has even let people pet it. I get very close with the dog and he doesn’t run but his back will go up and he will then calmly walk away. I seem to recall a sign a month or so ago with a picture of a missing cat but its gone now. I was hoping that either this is their cat or someone from the Feral Cat Initiative may want to come and take him (or her I haven’t confirmed what sex the cat is) to find it a home. I cant take it because it would be complete insanity in my apartment!! It’s a very small cat maybe 6 or so months old.”

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is this your cat in Hoboken NJ

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I saw the same young cat by garbage on Hudson between 2nd and 3rd earlier in the week.