Water main break of the day

Where’s the Hoboken water main break today?

Today’s water main break was spotted by local resident Chris. While not a true “burst pipe,” it took place near 7th & Jefferson Streets a few hours ago – when construction workers were milling the road, and accidentally tore into the fire hydrant connection.

The resulting road closures while United Water and Hoboken Fire Department scurried to rectify the situation turned simple navigation of the city into extended mazes just to get from point A to point B.

Maybe contracting companies should be responsible for the entire cost of an “accident” like this? The repairs, civil service man time, “pain and suffering” from area residents? Perhaps if personal responsibility played a bigger role in society today, they might be more careful?

Hoboken water main break 7th and Jefferson July 16 2013 - Water main break of the day

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