Maxwell’s Memories: Kill the Holidays

[Continuing the ongoing Maxwell’s Memories feature here on Hoboken411. Paying tribute to bands that came and played at the legendary Maxwell’s at 1039 Washington Street – which is closing for good on July 31, 2013]

Maxwell’s Memories: Kill the Holidays

WFMU’s legendary Sunday afternoon Glen Jones Radio Programme featuring X. Ray Burns, described as “The real life alternative radio show where a zonked pair of New Jersey fat boys mix Led Zeppelin with Sinatra while ranting about wrestling and the unmentionable,” broadcasting The International Brotherhood of Jonsey (IBJ) annual Kill The Holidays party live from Maxwell’s.

An annual tradition since 2008, these guys would pack the entire place (both front and back rooms) for an entire afternoon of entertainment and live music, from bands such as Holmes, Reno’s Men and The Skels.

The fun and antics were stuff of legend, particularly when X. Ray licked the Maxwell’s stage from one side to the other, just because it’s filled with so much rock and roll deliciousness.

I’ve heard that these shows were among some of the favorites of Maxwell’s staffers, too. People drank hard, paid cash and tipped the bartenders well. Always a good day to see old friends and familiar faces returning year after year.

You can listen to archives of these shows at Thanks to all the staff and friends at Maxwell’s for all their hard work and friendship over the years! Good times.

Below is a brief clip from the very last show this past Christmas. Where will the party be in 2013? No one knows for sure yet.

About Maxwell’s Memories

Maxwells Memories in Hoboken NJ Knights of the New Crusade - Maxwell's Memories: Kill the HolidaysMaxwell’s Bar officially opened back in 1978 by the Fallon family, and was converted from a “workers tavern” (for nearby Maxwell House coffee workers), into a “Bar/restaurant.” After the original members of The Bongos rehearsed some material in the back-room (which at the time was unused), “live music” began to catch on, and Hoboken was beginning to become inviting to both musicians and artists. Maxwell’s was also even believed to be the first restaurant to offer a “Sunday brunch” in town.

In the mid-90’s, due to some ownership re-arrangements, Maxwell’s was briefly a micro-brew pub, trying to capitalize on that fad, but quickly reverted back to a standard comfort food bar/restaurant and music venue in 1998 – and had remained that way ever since.

Despite apparently being named the number three “rock ‘n’ roll club” in America by Rolling Stone magazine in 2013 – Maxwell’s announced their abandonment of the property (and Hoboken), effective July 31, 2013.

Maxwell’s Memories is a collection of previously unpublished photographs and videos of various bands and acts that performed on the famous local stage.

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