Coffee flavored Coffee

Where has coffee flavored coffee gone in Hoboken?

Was looking at the menu over at Starbucks the other day – and it has gotten quite overwhelming. Besides the ridiculous “calorie” listings that they’re required by law to display (useless numbers IMO), the number of options for drinks is crazy. When Starbucks was founded, all they sold was the actual roasted coffee! Nothing else! Now with over 20,000 locations, and over $13 billion in sales – they sell practically everything under the sun. I’ll bet “grande caramel frappucinos” outsell regular old coffee or espresso.

Where is the coffee flavored coffee at Starbucks in Hoboken - Coffee flavored Coffee

Coffee will never be gone, thankfully

Even though the mega-chains like Starbucks do, and always will, sell regular “coffee flavored coffee,” it’s by far the minority on the menus. Luckily there are places that focus on the actual art of coffee – like the Mod Cup coffee cart, and start-up local shops like Red Lion Coffee and bwè kafe.

But this reminded me of that hilarious skit from Denis Leary’s “Lock ‘n Load” show back in the day…

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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9th Street
9th Street
Friday, July 19, 2013 3:07 pm

Leary was the best! And even though his underwear comment still rings true today, the demographics an 7 Eleven have changed.

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