Where do you get your wine?


And what do you prefer? Red, white or both?

I was given an opportunity by a Hoboken resident (and Hoboken411 reader) to look into this Wine delivery service called My Wines Direct, and I have to say it’s excellent in more ways than one!

Their angle is that they do a lot of screening of the wines in an attempt to make sure that “every wine is a winner”. Their wine buyer in Napa tastes over 200 wines per month, and sends about 30 of those to monthly consumer tasting panels that they hold in Napa and in New York. These panels are made up of regular wine drinkers like you and I, not snooty “experts”.

Only the wines that get 8 out of 10 “yes” votes in both Napa and New York make the cut to be offered on their website, perhaps 4 or 5 out of those 30. They believe this does a very good job of weeding out the bad ones, or even those that only half the panelists liked. I’m sure some wine makers might get annoyed why their wines weren’t selected, but it helps the consumers like us in the end. Surprisingly, many of the panelists often find they prefer a $12 wine over one that costs more than double!

Another interesting fact is that mot of their wines are from small vineyards. While most aren’t “exclusive”, you most likely won’t find them at local Hoboken wine stores. They buy direct from the vineyards to eliminate the middle-man (distributor) costs.

One very attractive feature of My Wines Direct is that they don’t charge shipping costs, which is huge! While you have to order in packs of 6, it’s still quite economical for the grades of wine you’d be receiving. Their wine prices range from $9 to $30, with most selections under $20.

I was given samples of the types of wine I tend to enjoy: Cabernet, Syrah, or a combination of both. Keep in mind that I’m not your typical “wine critic”, I know what I like. A smooth wine that has a pleasing “finish”. I also happen to drink a little faster than most, so my viewpoints need to be taken with a grain of salt.

My selections were:


  • A Chilcas Cab/Syrah mix (2004 – $10.99), which was a Chliean blend similar to the Australian wines you might find locally. Almost my favorite of the group. Had a very complex yet enjoyable taste, not too tart, and finished lightly (please don’t critique my “review style”, I don’t review wines professionally!)
  • Next was a Broken Barrel Cabernet ($19.99), and the best of the three I drank. While I initially noticed the strong wood taste, it quickly warmed up after the bottle was opened for a while. The flavor had ideal balance and only got better as I finished the bottle. Recommended.
  • Lastly was the Pebejae Syrah (2005 – $14.99), and was consumed after the previous Cabernet. The bottle had a screw top (probably due to the cork shortage), which surprised me. The site says it’s “medium balanced”, my panel thought it was a bit on the very light side (especially since the Cab prior). While this may not pair as well with certain meals as other wines, it stood quite nicely on it’s own. Almost refreshing!

I’m very pleased with the whole concept of My Wines Direct. I don’t endorse things I don’t believe in. The quality of the wines I tried were very above par, the website they provide is easy to use and well designed, the value is tremendous, and the fact you don’t have to pay for shipping is the icing on the cake. A perfect option for your Holiday Shopping decision making process. Most wines will be received in 2-3 days!

Special Offer for Hoboken411 readers

The wine love-fest doesn’t stop with positive reviews and an excellent ecommerce source for your wine, My Wines Direct is offering a $10 discount for Hoboken411 readers. Just use this promo code when you check out to receive your savings: H411.

I stand by the wine and the whole concept of their business. If anyone has used them before, and has any comments about it, please let the other readers know. Additionally, if you decide to try them out, feel free to come back and share your observations.


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italian wine center in manhattan, is the place to go for italian wine


i’ve heard of wine library in springfield, curious to try that out. gary’s wine in chatham is good; i’ve been there.

we should add some italian flavor in here…get a nice montepulciano, a rosso…great values for the dollar


Also check prices against http://www.winechateau.com


sparrow is good especially the uptown store, but last night i purchased 3 bottles of ridge geyserville 2005, a wine i buy every year, it was $35 a bottle which is a fair price, i looked it up on wine library and they had it for $28 a bottle, that is a big difference


Sparrow’s has taken care of me over the years. Buying by the case and getting a 20% discount is the way to go.

I will definitely give My Wines Direct a shot as the free delivery is key. Thanks.